Splicing Fiber Optic & Vsat

  • Courses for Splicing and testing of optical cable

  1. A modern technology process
  2. Identification of optical cable types
  3. Identify the various devices used for welding and optical cable testing
  4. Learn how to clean optical cables before welding
  5. Laser optical cable inspection
  6. Check the optical cables with the OTDR device to determine the location of the cut
  7. find the mistakes and resolve it


  • Courses for Internet via satellite


  1. Know the types of systems and their components
  2. Know the tools required to install the system
  3. How to Programmable and Install the Modem and Rule
  4. How to get a signal moon
  5. Check the service and check its quality
  6. Linking internal networks across the system
  7. Activate the service with the moon
  8. find the mistakes and resolve it
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