Fiber-optic Civil Work and Horizontal Drilling


ARC has installed more than 100,000 fiber kilometers for clients providing a unique transport and access network connecting numerous Point-of-Presences (POP) throughout Iraq to deliver data, voice, as well as other multimedia services. We provides network solutions and consulting services in the following areas: 

Splicing, Termination and OTDR testing

Fibre Certification from Fluke Networks

Design and Supply


Fiber installation

ARC can design your network and supply you with everything the project needs from Fibre Patch panels, connectors, adapters, pigtails, patch cords to network equipment. ARC’s team of professionals can meet the highest and most stringent requirements.



The Horizontal Drilling (HDD) operation has become a major contribution to the ARC division. The process generally includes three distinct phases as follow:

1. Planning, preliminary survey, information gathering, undergrounding utilities, location and bore profile study.

2. Selecting the right drilling technology and drilling tools.

3. Carefully executing the bore under tight supervision to avoid any damages to underground service utilities A well planning HDD operation includes a preliminary survey of the bore path area, concerning other existing lines and the soil condition, locating all existing services and plotting them, and then planning the best drilling path

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