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High Performance Dedicated Servers


Find the Dedicated Server package that’s right for you…


All Dedicated Servers are hosted on our enterprise class Cisco powered network. Our dedicated servers are built using quality SuperMicro components, an industry leader in high end computing. We do not over-subscribe any aspect of our core routing infrastructure and therefore all devices are able to push their uplinks to capacity at all times.


intel_icon Intel/AMD Dual Core 5 IPv4 4GB 250 GB SATA 3TB Contact us
intel_icon Intel Core2Quad 5 IPv4 4GB 250 GB SATA 4TB Contact us
intel_icon Intel Atom C2750 5 IPv4 8GB 1 TB SATA 5TB Contact us
intel_icon Intel Xeon E3 1240 5 IPv4 8GB 1 TB SATA 5TB Contact us
intel_icon Intel Xeon E3 1270 5 IPv4 8GB 1 TB SATA 5TB Contact us

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