Big Data changes everything—and HP Software gives you the power to transform it into actionable intelligence, so you can capitalize on new opportunities and solve real problems in the moments that matter.


Accelerite Endpoint Management from Persistent Systems

Enforces policy with client management software across complex, distributed client environments.

Access Catalog

Deliver the right apps and content to enable bring your own device (BYOD) in your enterprise.

Adoption Readiness Tool (ART)

Maximize your software investment with continuous and integrated learning.

Agile Manager

SaaS-based agile project management software for organizing, planning and executing agile projects.

ALM Software

Master the modern, agile application lifecycle.

Application Defender

Protect production applications from the inside.

Application Lifecycle Intelligence

Embedded technology for aggregating information from multiple application development tools

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) on SaaS

Remotely delivered business benefits include quick time to value, elasticity and subscription-based licensing

Application Performance Management on SaaS

Ready-to-use APM (formerly BAC) that provides flexible services options–focus on the business, not on software

AppPulse Active

Improve web application performance and availability through synthetic web monitoring.

AppPulse Diagnostics

Gain predictive analytics and comprehensive transaction analysis with code-level visibility.

AppPulse Mobile

On-demand mobile application monitoring and analytics to improve user experience.

ArcSight Application View

Increase application visibility and security intelligence.

ArcSight Connectors

Unify log data in heterogeneous, distributed environments through normalization.

ArcSight ESM

Prioritize security events, so you can protect your business.

ArcSight ESM Risk Insight

A solution for understanding the business impact of real-time threats detected by ArcSight SIEM

ArcSight Express

SIEM appliance for mid-market that helps combat APTs and insider threats.

ArcSight Logger

Collect, store and analyze machine data through universal log management solution.

ArcSight Management Center

Centrally manage your ArcSight deployments through a unified interface.

ArcSight Risk Insight

Understand your potential business risk from security events.

ArcSight Threat Response Manager

Respond and mitigate security threats proactively and cost-effectively.

ArcSight ThreatDetector

Accelerate your security, reduce false positives and accurately prioritize issues.

ArcSight User Behavior Analytics

Know who is on the network, what data they see and what actions they can take.

Asset Manager

Manage your IT assets with efficiency and control across their lifecycle.

Atalla Information Protection & Control

Persistent protection of data for enterprises, on premise, in the cloud and on mobile devices.

Atalla Network Security Processor-NSP

Guard financial data and meet industry security and compliance requirements.

Atalla Secure Configuration Assistant

A trusted device for configuring the HP Network Security Processor

Big Data Analytics

Columnar database and advanced analytics platform that allows organizations to extract value from their Big Data.

BPM Anywhere

Application monitoring offsite while leveraging on-premise investment to fully assess business service health

BSA Security and Compliance Subscription Service

Detect and remediate vulnerabilities, and reduce the risk of non-compliant configurations.

Business Process Insight

Transaction monitoring to identify problems and assess impact in business terms.

Business Process Monitor

Proactive monitoring of end-user application performance and availability.

Business Process Testing

Accelerate functional test automation through an integrated component-based test framework.

Business Service Automation Essentials

Stay on top of operational performance and regulatory compliance.

Cloud Access Security

A Cloud Access Security protection platform for visibility, governance and protection.

Cloud Service Automation

Open, extensible enterprise-grade cloud management solution.

CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite

Quickly and easily deploy a hybrid cloud management solution.


Gain visibility to manage complex multi-tier application release and deployment across the application lifecycle.

Compliance Insight Packages

Built in content for compliance for compliance analytics and cost-effective monitoring.

Connected Backup

Backup solution for application and user data stored locally on end-user computers.

Connected MX

Securely access, share and protect information without compromising mobile workforce productivity.

Consolidated Archive

Comprehensive on-premise archiving software for litigation preparedness, storage optimization and compliance.

Continuous Delivery Automation

Deploy complex multi-tier applications quickly and accurately with continuous delivery.


Access, understand, classify, and migrate enterprise information based on policy.

Data Protector

Intelligent and automated backup and recovery to protect, analyze and optimize.

Database Middleware Automation

End-to-end life cycle management for database and middleware.


Deep, actionable application diagnostics for rapid problem diagnosis.

Digital Safe

Hosted archive to support litigation preparedness, storage savings, and ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

Digital Vaccine Toolkit-DVToolkit

Reduce risk by developing custom security filters in-house.

eDiscovery Software

Perform tasks from identification, processing ECA, review and production with one full-featured application.

Enterprise Maps

Gain transparency of the IT landscape to drive transformation and deliver business outcomes.

Enterprise Secure Key Manager–ESKM

Protect your data and reputation, and comply with industry regulations.


Flow CM

Cloud-based software that enables document capture, storage, search and retrieval.

Fortify on Demand

Managed security testing service on demand.

Fortify Software Security Center

Manage software risk across the entire secure SDLC—from development to QA and through production.

Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Automated static code analysis to help developers eliminate vulnerabilities and build secure software.


Real-time performance diagnostic and triage tool for IT Administrators.

Haven Connectors

Data extraction, aggregation and indexing of content from virtually all repositories, on-premise or in the cloud.

Haven Enterprise

On-premise big data solution for structured and unstructured data that provides actionable insights from your data.

Haven OnDemand

Cloud-based big data platform to analyze all forms of data and leverage APIs to create next-gen apps and services.

Haven OnHadoop

Analytics platform that uses SQL queries to gain greater business intelligence from your hadoop big data.

Haven Predictive Analytics

Accelerates and operationalizes large-scale machine learning and advanced analytics using HP Distributed R technology.

HP Anywhere

Innovative mobile app development platform for the enterprise.

HP Live Network

A valuable service for HP software customers, offering add-on content from HP, HP partners and the community

HP Security Voltage

HP Security Voltage delivers innovative encryption and tokenization solutions.


Unstructured data analytics platform that performs text, image, audio, and video analytics across many languages.

Integrated Security Solutions

SIEM software apps integrated with the ArcSight platform you can add on to existing HP SIEM deployments.

IT Business Analytics

Informed management of IT process performance.


File filtering and transformation software to extract content and metadata from virtually all file formats.


Legal Hold

Manage the entire legal hold process, from notification through preservation and collection.


Online backup for your application data in a secure cloud storage grid.


Load testing solution with unmatched power and flexibility.

Mobile App Security

Secure your mobile stack from device to network communications to server.

Mobile Testing

Quickly test and deploy applications in complex, dynamic mobile environments.

Network Automation

Drive efficient change, automated configuration, and secure compliance.

Network Node Manager i

Unify fault, availability, and performance monitoring with one application.

Network Virtualization

Simulate and test real-world network conditions to improve application accuracy, reliability and performance.

OMi Management Pack

Preconfigured monitoring policies, data collectors, reports, and tools for Hadoop, Vertica, SQL and Oracle.

Operations Analytics

Extensive, actionable insight for the new style of IT operations.

Operations Bridge

Operations Bridge solution provides the ability to sense, analyze and adapt to manage IT services.

Operations Log Intelligence

Comprehensive log data collection and management to perform faster triage and improve IT service levels.

Operations Manager

Comprehensive fault and performance monitoring across your IT infrastructure.

Operations Manager i

Automate with model-driven event correlation and common health dashboards.

Operations Orchestration

Next generation IT process automation with enterprise-scale orchestration.

Operations Smart Plug-ins

Application monitoring software to gain deeper application level intelligence.


Performance Center

Enterprise performance testing: standardize processes, centralize resources and build a CoE.

Performance Center on SaaS

The business benefits of the cloud for performance testing with subscription-based licensing

Performance Manager

Reduce MTTR across application infrastructure with real-time performance dashboards.

Process Automation

Automate business management, modeling and monitoring while taking advantage of structured and unstructured data.

Project and Portfolio Management

Leverage project and portfolio management to improve business results.

Project and Portfolio Management on SaaS

Industry leading, strategic multi-discipline project management software at a lower total cost of ownership


Service brokerage for IT that provides a single user experience and unified hub for multi-supplier integrations.

Quality Center Enterprise

Achieve consistent IT quality management processes and software quality assurance.

Real-User Monitor

Visibility into real-user behavior for fast, targeted problem resolution.

Records Manager

Electronic document and records management solution for government agencies, regulated and global organizations.

Reputation Security Monitor-RepSM

Use reliable intelligence to detect threats earlier and more efficiently.

Requirements Management

Track quality, avoid rework, and deliver what the business asks for.


Decrease trade confirmation times with comprehensive automated post-trade operations and management software.

Server Automation

Server configuration management for the hybrid data center.

Service Anywhere

Powerful, scalable, simple SaaS-enabled service desk solution.

Service Health Analyzer

Run-time predictive analytics—a more intelligent way to manage IT.

Service Health Reporter

Model-based, cross-domain IT reporting and forecasting to optimize business services.

Service Manager

Service desk software that provides efficient and cost effective IT Services.

Service Virtualization

Develop and test applications faster with virtual services.

Service-Level Management

Measure, track, and report IT performance to ensure alignment with the business.


Agentless monitoring for your IT infrastructure and applications.


Streamline and speed exploratory software testing for today’s Agile teams.

Storage Essentials

A storage resource management solution that helps you reduce total costs of storage operations and increase productivity.

Storage Operations Manager

Storage capacity planning and performance management tool for your physical and virtual IT infrastructure.

StormRunner Load

Simple and intuitive cloud performance testing to see real-time performance metrics to issues.

Structured Data Manager

Application archiving and retirement while retaining data access for compliance, eDiscovery and operations.


Automate employee data and communication monitoring to meet regulatory compliance and internal initiatives.


Manage lifecycle of APIs, applications and integrations within heterogeneous IT environments.



Extract data across multiple devices to create process-ready content and eliminate manual entry and sorting.

Threat Digital Vaccine-ThreatDV

Reputation security to stop malware and protect sensitive data.

TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance

Neutralize patient zero and stop attacks from spreading on your network.

TippingPoint DVLabs

The security intelligence research foundation behind your next-generation network security.

TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall

Improve your security posture and harden your network defenses.

TippingPoint Next-Generation IPS

Protect your network from the most advanced and sophisticated attacks.

TippingPoint Security Management System

Control your TippingPoint security solutions, now and in the future.

TippingPoint ThreatLinQ  

Stay on top of the rapidly changing security threat landscape.

Touchpoint Manager

Manage IT tasks across different devices, brands and operating systems.


Comprehensive transaction management across complex application environments.

Unified Functional Testing

Test early, test often, test continuously with HP Unified Functional Testing (formerly QTP).

Universal CMDB

Configuration Management Database gives you full control over your IT environment.

Universal Discovery

Discover your hardware and software and effectively manage your IT infrastructure.

Universal Search

Search data and produce contextually relevant results with facet navigation and automatic categorization.

Vertica Community Edition

Experience the HP Vertica Analytics Platform and join the myVertica community.

Vertica Enterprise Edition

Free, fully-functioning, 30-day trial of the Vertica Analytics Platform.

Virtualization Performance Viewer (vPV)

Solve virtualization and cloud performance problems quickly with one easy-to-use tool.


Automated dynamic security testing tool for finding and prioritizing exploitable web vulnerabilities.


Enables secure document and email management from any location, using any device.

Zero Day Initiative-ZDI

An extensive worldwide community of researchers looking for vulnerabilities.

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